The BIG-SBR (sequence batch reactor) Technology is implemented in a Modular Package of Sewage Treat­ment Plant design – BMP (BIG Modular Plants) to treat a variety of raw sewage from various sources and reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) loading to meet numerous regulatory agencies’ mandated discharge parameters.
The Package utilizes extended aeration process which provides sufficient oxygen levels and mixing to allow microorganisms to breakdown the organic impurities in the raw sewage. The sequence technology features a five-step treatment process to achieve the desired final discharge quality: screening, diffused aeration, clarification, sludge recirculation and disinfection. The standard BIG-SBR Technology package is constructed of welded steel, interior and exterior lined suitable for above and below ground installation. The Modular Package sewage treatment plant mechanical and electrical equipment can be also supplied for installation in concrete tanks.

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