Official distributors of AquaTec in Macedonia

Прочистителни станици за отпадни води, дизајнирани за семејни куќи, вили, викендици, колиби и станбени згради.Големината се одредува според бројот на членовите на домаќинството. Имаат вертикален цилиндричен featuring vertical cylindrical polypropylene tanks.

Features and benefits

▪ Compact
▪ Minimal construction work
▪ Quick and easy installation

Additional equipment 

▪ Water storage tank
▪ Blower tank
▪ Service kit
▪ Controller

Treated water with high quality

▪ High-efficiency biological nitrogen removal (denitrification over 90% and nitrification over 80%) thanks to the patented vertical flow
▪ High-efficiency biological removal of phosphorus (over 80%) thanks to the patented vertical flow


▪ Purified water can be reused
▪ Suitable for discharge into sensitive underground and bathing waters

Technical parameters

Simple installation
Wastewater treatment plants AT 6 to AT 20 are installed in pits with a 15 cm thick reinforced concrete base, positioned about 5 cm above the ground level. In cases of high groundwater or per project specifications, additional concreting may be required.The pit should be filled with water up to the pipe level before filling. Detailed installation instructions are available in the guide, and our team can handle the installation for you.
Blower tank
Air blower
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