The BMP wastewater treatment plant produces treated effluent with 20 mg/L BOD and 30 mg/L suspended solids. Tertiary treatment is an extra option provided for the BMP to improve the treated sewage quality. Equipment can be provided to achieve the standards for irrigation. Further advanced wastewater treatment (AWT) can produce appropriate water quality for recy­cling and high quality effluent for reuse.
The BMP wastewater treatment plant brings STATE-OFTHE-ART, modern technology to a 23 year old proven process for biologically treating wastewater. The BIGSBR Technology system is a natural process without the use of chemicals. The necessary bacteria, which are found everywhere in nature, are selectively chosen and cultured in the SBR process to remove carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous found in most wastewater. The simplicity of this time based process makes it easy to control and operate, resulting in an effluent that is low in BOD, TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorous – usually much lower than regulatory requirements. The flexibility of the SBR system allows it to adapt readily to changing conditions of hydraulic and/organic loads.

BioengineringTreated Sewage Quality