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Personalized Medicine for new beginnings and positive changes

With the start of another orbiting around the sun, January is a month that at the same time symbolically links us to new beginnings and positive changes in our microcosmoses, because it encourages us to take measures that will improve our quality of life from all aspects, especially our health. In addition to the regular visits to the gym, healthy meals and completed medical examinations that we usually delay, our message to all those who are sufficiently disciplined to stay true to these obligations is the following: We encourage you to integrate personalized medicine in the process of cultivating healthy lifestyles.

In contrast to the classical medicine that treats patients after the appearance of their first symptoms, one of the basic principles of personalized medicine is proactivity – the detection and prevention of the disease before symptoms of the disease are manifested. That’s why personalized medicine is primarily recommended for healthy individuals.

The term personalized medicine in recent decades has been used exclusively in the context of modern molecular diagnostic, genomic and bioinformatic approaches that can provide information on the molecular basis of a disease, thus distributing patients into different groups. In fact, personalized medicine is any procedure that distributes patients to different groups, after which all further medical decisions, interventions, therapies, and prevention for each different patient are based on a personal and individualized approach and are tailor-made specifically for the patient according to their molecular data.

Better to prevent than to cure, right?

Our lab is already easily recognizable and famous for some genetic analyses, such as the sequencing sequences of the entire genome and the sequencing of the whole exome, and you can read more about them on the following links:…/personalizirana-genetika-sekvecionira-e-na…/

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