Analysis we perform

The team with its invaluable experience on a national and foreign level can help you in all elements of the production process, from production to end-user level consumers. We hold this experience as warrant for simple and quality data management, data analysis and providing advice for proprietary measures. Our Solutions are simple, logical, convenient and useful.

Microbiologic quality examination of food

Every individual that cares for himself needs to pay attention to his health by examining the food he consumes. The swollen tin packaged products in markets, the food with foul odors, altered colors or a change in consistency ...

Microbiologic water quality examination

Water is the most important medium that humans can’t live without. On one hand, it constitutes a residual part of our body, while from another point of view the highest percentage of everything around us consists of water...

Microbiological examination of wine

Wine is produced through fermentation processes. Grape clusters are inoculated with acerbic starter cultures and the process of fermentation lasts for about one week. During this term, the sugar is converted to ethanol.

Microbiologic control of organic fertilizers, sediments, compost, minerals etc.

Microorganism are the most abundant citizens in all layers of soil. They have a meaningful role in nature and participate in processes that sustain balance of the aforementioned.

Microbiological quality control of cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are appliances that are in wide usage. At the time being, their everyday usage is unavoidable, whether we use them for medicinal or aesthetic purposes.

Microbiologic quality control of tableware, cuttlery, accessories and packaging for foodstuffs, toys for children, paraphernalia for household hygiene and tobacco processing.

Health is of greatest importance to all of us. Everything that can threaten it presents a danger to our lives – contaminated tableware, contaminated food in tableware as well as paraphernalia of all sorts and especially toys for children.

Tests in the field of molecular biology

Among all classic microbiological analysis, we have close contacts with our other laboratory for genetics and personalized medicine situated at the Zhan Mitrev clinic.

Determining toxins

Most of the microorganisms create matter that has a toxic effect upon the environment, other microorganisms and people. These types of matter are called toxins and the nomenclature is derived from the place of action...

Other tests

Beside all the classic micriobioligical test, in this Reasearch Center, the following analysis are conducted.

Why Us?

Our dedication is focused on improvement, exactness and relevancy of results and our service to clients. Because of this, the laboratory is in a process of accreditation. We hold the opinion that we will offer technological solutions for every individual problem, because for the first time in Macedonia the technologies we are using are industry and client specific.


What is our goal?

Every path we follow in life needs to have some kind an ending of sorts, some sort of a goal. If we don’t have a goal, we wouldn’t know what we strive for. The main goal of our laboratory is improving the quality of life of people as well as relieving it by newly construed biotechnological plans and processes. Among other, finding new ways to deal with pathogens’ microorganisms thanks to the ones that possess antibacterial activity, finding out new microbiological fertilizers that would replace the cancerogenic pesticides we consume on a daily basis, building plants for purification which are of especial value because water pollution is reaching a maximal level etc.