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Bio Engineering Ltd was founded as a private company in 1998 in Skopje, Macedonia, specialized in research and development of new products, systems and innovative technologies in the field of ecology and industrial biotechnology. The past year, as we achieved securing a co-funding grant from the Fond for Innovation and Technological development, Bio Engineering Doo has broadened its field of work. Forming the Applied microbiology and biotechnology Research Center Dr. Kungulovski. The research center performs routine microbiological and meta-genomic analysis, solving a great variety of industrial problems, while also imploring scientific research.
The company is a winner of a number of national and international awards in the area of patents and inventions and is a regular representative in FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects. The Core of the company consist of a University Professor (specialized in microbiology and industrial biotechnology), and two PhD holders.
The team with its invaluable experience on a national and foreign level can help you in all elements of the production process, from production to end-user level consumers. We hold this experience as warrant for simple and quality data management, data analysis and providing advice for proprietary measures. Our Solutions are simple, logical, convenient and useful.
We have a lasting experience, both in scientific and practical terms, in solving a wide range of production-related issues which are present as a result of various groups of microorganisms. The partners we work with are food and water producers, wine, cosmetic products, agricultural companies, food-stock, ground, soil, compost, live-stock farms, distributors, caterers and others.
We are counting on technological solutions to this problem, which would be pioneering in terms of the solutions being backed by scientific and experience in praxis.


The center is involved in isolating pure cultured micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, and mold) as well as their replication that are widely applicative in systems for transport of communal and industrial ways in the traditional and organic agricultural production of bio-fertilizers, growth stimulants and bio-pesticides, in live-stock probiotic and prebiotic production etc. both in the traditional and organic agricultural production – such as bio-fertilizers, growth stimulants, bio pesticides and in the live-stock production as probiotics, prebiotics etc.
We are poised to deliver technological solutions for these issues, which will be backed by scientific findings and experience for the first time in Macedonia. The technologies we use are industry specific, client oriented and contribute to reducing running material costs.