Microbiological control of organic fertilizers, sediments, compost, minerals etc.

Microorganism are the most abundant citizens in all layers of soil. They have a meaningful role in nature and participate in processes that sustain balance of the aforementioned. The circulation of matter is a prerequisite of life on this planet, where especially microorganisms are the ones that are the link in the chain of consequential processes that are happening. They break down the dead matter (from animal corpses to destroyed tree timber and leaves) forming humus. The number of microorganisms in soil, as well as other characteristics, like chemical constituency, are important indicators for soil fertility.

In our center, you can acquire the following services:

1. Detection and enumeration of ecological (physiological) groups of soil bacteria:

  • nitrifying,
  • denitrifying,
  • nitrogen fixers,
  • amylolytic,
  • cellulolytic,
  • phospho mobilizers,
  • phospho mineralizers,
  • actinometers.

2. Determination of the total enumeration of bacteria at 30°C

3. Detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae

4. Detection and enumeration of coagulase positive staphylococci

5. Detection of sulfate reducing Clostridia

6. Yeasts

7. Mold

8. Molecular metagenomic analysis