Microbiological quality examination of food

Every individual that cares for himself needs to pay attention to his health by examining the food he consumes. The swollen tin packaged products in markets, the food with foul odors, altered colors or a change in consistency of the aforementioned and poorly prepared animal sourced food are some of the reasons for mass food poisoning that are still a reoccurring issue.

To stop this trend, the companies that are producing the products would have to conduct all of the analysis needed to confirm the microbiological correctness of food and products. Microbiological analysis applies to examination of the presence of micro-organisms in meat and processed meat products, milk and processed milk products, canned food, plant based products, juice…

In our laboratory, we devise the following analysis in the area of food examination:

  • Horizontal methods in procedures of acquiring samples for usage in surficial contact plates and swabs
  • Determining the total number of mesophilic bacteria at 30 °C
  • Determining of yeasts and mold at 25 °C
  • Determining of Salmonella spp.
  • Determining and detection of Enterobacteriaceae
  • Determining of beta-glukuronidaza positive E. coli
  • Proving L. Monocytogenes presence
  • Determining the number of L. monocytogenes
  • Proving sulfate reducing Clostridia presence
  • Proving Clostridium perfringens presence
  • Determining and calculating Bacillus cereus
  • Proving E. coli O157 presence
  • Molecular metagenomic analysis