Microbiological water quality examination

Water is the most important medium that humans can’t live without. On one hand, it constitutes a residual part of our body, while from another point of view the highest percentage of everything around us consists of water, and ultimately, we have to consume it on a daily basis. It can’t be replaced by any other type of matter, thus it’s important that it’s pure in every aspect, especially microbiologically. In the past many diseases such as cholera were transmitted and acquired precisely from contaminated water. Today, these situations are becoming a rarity because of the microbiological correctness and water examination mechanisms which are provided with increasing regularity caused by human awareness. One could even claim that the absence of micro-organisms in the water we are using is of immense value to life on earth.

Our laboratory develops the following three packages of water analysis:

2.1. Microbiological quality examination of drinking water (supply?!)

  • Determining the total number of bacteria
  • Detection and enumeration of  E. Coli and coliform bacteria of MF (membrane filtration)
  • Detection and enumeration of  Enterococcus spp. of MF
  • Detection and enumeration of  Pseudomonas spp. of MF
  • Detection and enumeration of  Salmonella spp. o MF
  • Detection of sulfate reducing Clostridia на МФ
  • Molecular metagenomic analysis

2.2. Microbiological examination of piled up water (pools, wells, rivers, lake)

2.3. Microbiological examination of fecal water